NOW INTRODUCING... aw designs!

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For four years now I’ve been operating under the name ‘always, by amber’ - and it’s worked well. My story? That I offered handmade wedding and events paper goods that lasted, always and forever.

But with anything, things evolve. Life changes. When I gave birth to my first boy in 2017, I was under the impression that I’d be able to work on my shop while he napped and everything would stay the same, it would just take me longer to work on orders. Boy was I wrong. I ended up shutting the shop down for 9 months before I was able to feel like I was able to stand on my two feet again.

It’s been a slow process getting back into it, but eventually I hit my stride and was able to take a limited number of orders at a time. Then February I found out I was pregnant again (another boy, whoo!), and I knew things were going to change again come October (my due date). I’d really been enjoying working on the design aspect of my products, so I decided I was going to move my business in that direction. I can manage the custom work on digital files much better than I can create labor-intensive handmade items. So, over the past few months I’ve been working hard at creating new ready made and customizable printables for weddings and other special events. I just finished uploading the last of the listings to the shop earlier this week, and I knew my next move was going to be a new name. always, by amber didn’t fit in with my new direction. I knew I wanted ‘design’ in the name, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to go with Amber W Designs or just aw designs. In the end, aw designs won out, and I created this new, modern, yet classic logo. I knew I wanted something super simple and super clean. No more watercolours, no more cursive fonts - a total transformation from my last logo update! So here we are, aw designs - wedding + events stationery and printables. Officially launched, officially changed. Officially on a new path, and I could not be more excited for you guys to come along on this new journey with me!

I will be keeping all ready made items (signs, guest books, etc…) until they sell out. Fully assembled wedding invitations will also still be available until baby #2 arrives. After that, it will be fully digital orders (with the odd exception I’m sure), until I can get my feet on the ground again and navigate life with TWO little ones (AH!!!) Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the new name and look :)

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the new items available!