New to the Shop: Floral Watercolour Invitations

Something old, something NEW: ladies and gentlemen, I have upped by wedding invitation game! A whole bunch of watercolour floral wedding invitations have been added to the shop, including these bad boys below! Have a look around the shop and let me know what you think! Many more designs and colours to come, but for now let me introduce:

DIY Rustic Wedding Inspiration - My Own Wedding

A little DIY rustic wedding inspiration on this Thursday evening for your wedding planning! Everything you see here is actually from my own wedding - everything was made by me (even the paper flower backdrop)! (calligraphy was by A Fabulous Fete). You can also check out my shop here

Rustic Wedding Inspiration - Copy.jpg

Classic Black & White Wedding Inspiration

Amidst all the different color combinations to choose from for your wedding, sometimes it's refreshing to see a sophisticated black and white palette. Crisp and clean, this black and white classic palette is perfect for a more upscale wedding! I've put together a little black and white inspiration for you below, enjoy! Sources are listed below.

Classic Black and White Wedding Inspiration.jpg